Demo Lesson by Bobojonova Shakhnoza, an English teacher

  Bobojonova Shakhnoza,  an English teacher, conducted open lesson on the theme “ Organ transplantation “at the Languages Department in December 12th , 2019.  The open lesson was delivered in order to investigate basic  medical terminology on the topic and   Master students  participated very actively in this lesson. During the lesson several teaching methods were used such as Communicative language teaching, case study, true false activities. An interesting self study was presented by one of the master students. Senior teachers:  doc. P.P Nishonov from World Language University,  Abdurashidova Sh., Alimova S., doc. Abdullayeva R.M, Toshxodjayeva P. B, Mirrakhimova G.Sh, Avilova K.X, Karimova Sh.P, Xolboyeva D, Saydjanova K.D, Tashmetova G.Sh observed the lesson and doc. Nishonov P.P and Toshxodjayeva commented to the lesson at the end of the lesson.

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